Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Oregon Bound

     After spending a good week home in Salt Lake City, UT we packed up the Sandtana and took off for Oregon! Leaving family is always hard for us as we don't spend much time in Salt Lake to get to be around them. We are very lucky to have both of our families support our vagabond lifestyles. We set our sights on Boise, ID for the first night. The Sandy rode like a gem the whole way, however we realized it takes us about an hour longer to get anywhere than the suggested google maps ETA. Once we hit about 75 mph, we can feel the car get a bit wobbly, gas mileage isn't as great as we hoped, but not horrible either. Wind is another issue we have run into so far, the Sandy is like a big box and really blows around the highway, especially when semi trucks pass us (semis cruise past us like its nothin')
      We spent our first night out in the Sandy in a Walmart parking lot amongst a slew of other motor homes and vans. We slept well and set our sights for Bend, OR early in the morn. The drive to Bend was a relaxing and slow one through lots of farm country. Jake was taking a snooze when I unfortunately hit a bird :( He was so tired he didn't even wake up when I screamed! We stopped for a quick drink in Bend at the Crux Brewery and relaxed and stretched our legs a bit before we hit the road towards a quick hike to a waterfall.
     If you don't already know, Sprints cell service really sucks...we drove about an hour into the woods and realized my gps was taking us to the middle of nowhere... 2 hrs in the opposite direction of the waterfall we were planning on going to :) So we made new plans and kept drivin in the middle of nowhere to Odell Lake. It was windy, and cold and we made our first dinner in the camper and didn't blow up! We replaced out 82 wiring for our propane stove and were a bit hesitant to use it but we gave it a try and here we are! Alive and well. After a quick gourmet meal of mac n cheese mixed with peppers, and tomatoes we drove off to the trailhead of our next day and hit the sac early.
    We woke up and 6:30 and hiked down to the second largest waterfall in OR, Salt Creek Falls and then on to another beautiful waterfall, Diamond Creek Falls. And here we are now, in a cute coffee shop that my old college roommate Heather and I used to come to in Eugene, OR making my first blog post! Hope you're still awake and I wasn't a bore. Today we are planning some trip stuff then hittin the town to show Jake all the fun places I went to when I was in college here.
    It's nice to feel so relaxed and at ease on the road with Jake. We are still learning the flow of things in our small home but we're havin fun with it. Here's a few photos of our journey so far...